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In the last years - or decades - the lack of labor resources (both physical and intellectual) has become a permanent and general labor market trend, which results primarily from unequal and unprofessional resource training, -supply and -distribution.

Addressing the global labor market crisis caused by the 2020 coronavirus epidemic, restructuring based on professional principles should play a key role for sustainability in the field of the labor market as well.

The SkillX project aims to address the general and ad hoc needs of the labor market for everyone – employer, employee, headhunter - with AI-based analysis of labor demand and supply needs. We develop a software which could reach valuable results in the field of employment and re-employment in the short term by mapping useful employee expertise or experience resources to a required job position then – if needed - develop and retrain them, and after all employers can access a significant amount and valuable employee resources. To meet the labor needs of companies, SkillX scans the entire employee database and ranks the candidates who best meet the competence requirements.


In this event You will get answers to the following questions:

  • How can I bring out the best in my employees by analyzing and understanding their soft skills?
  • What is the most cost-efficient way to fill my company’s open positions with the ones best fit in?
  • Is there any recruitment method or solution to satisfy my company’s future HR needs?

The event will be held in English without translation.

For more information on SkillX please click here.

László Marosi, CEO, SkillX Technologies
László is the founder of the MELÓ-DIÁK Holding Ltd. - originally founded in 1983, franchise owner of the well-known and market leader MELÓ-DIÁK - is one of the outstanding companies, which serves its corporate partners representing the full spectrum of the labor market and supports effective employment for all parties. He has deep knowledge, experience, and professional expertise in the global labor market and its economic implementation.
Gábor Nagy, CTO, SkillX Technologies
Gábor is the CTO and co-founder of SkillX, who reached professional skillset and expertise at business development planning, innovative technology implementation, and full-width spectrum of branding at projects like the Ministry of Human Resources, MELÓ-DIÁK or Apple. In the last years, Gábor and László Marosi (CEO) work closely together to define and shape the core values and main goals of “the efficient HR flow” and finally launched their own innovative solution called SkillX.
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