AmCham Live! Benefits Through the Eyes of Employees - What Do Our Employees Value and How Much?

PWC webinar

An ongoing topic is what benefits will be valuable to our employees. The ones we have traditionally always given, or the ones that respond to new needs. It is also a constant issue that we have to manage the existing people budget, to get the maximum value out of it.

Through case studies, we present an approach that allows for a completely novel use of data analysis: we can accurately measure how much our existing or planned benefit elements are worth to our employees, i.e., what we should give to get the most out of our opportunities.

This is not a benchmark, it is your own employee needs and preference analysis.


  • Introduction - Why is it topical to talk about benefits?
  • Measuring benefit preferences - Case study, solution examples
  • Discussing questions and participants' suggestions 

The event will be held in English without translation.

Róbert Bencze Director, Head of the PwC People and Organization Team, Regional and Global Manager for Certain Areas of HR Data Analysis
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