Hungarian American Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange

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1066 Budapest, Oktogon 1.

The Executive Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Hungary has established the authority of the Fulbright Commission to conduct a program of educational and cultural exchange between the two countries using funds made available by both governments; to organize regular open, binationally planned and executed competitions for scholarships; to provide educational advisory services; and to serve as a focal point for the organization of activities of an alumni association. The Fulbright Commission organizes the exchange of Hungarian and American graduate students, scholars, researchers, lecturers and artists. The Commission aims to increase the visibility of the Fulbright Program in Hungary and expand opportunities for scholarly exchange between the two countries. The Fulbright Commission strives to: 
    enhance the Hungarian-American mutual understanding and bilateral relations;
    encourage scholarly exchange between the two countries;
    continue to adapt the exchange program to the present and future needs of the two countries;
    advise those who would like to study or pursue research in the United States with their own funds;
    where appropriate, assist in the reform of Hungarian higher education;
    further increase the visibility, reputation and effectiveness of the Fulbright Program in Hungary.