Docler Holding

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1101 Budapest, Expo tér 5-7.

Docler Holding is a multinational enterprise, headquartered in Luxembourg since 2013, operating in Budapest, Los Angeles and Cagliari and employing around 600 people in the Budapest campus. Our websites are the most visited sites with more than 35-40 million users. The company started in 2001 as a garage project, powered by the ideas and visions of young and enthusiastic Hungarian entrepreneurs. Today, Docler Holding had created and developed a large number of highly diversified companies, all gathered under a unique umbrella. Our business perform and experience ongoing growth in the fields of entertainment, technology, personal development and luxury/lifestyle. The group was built on the idea of creating unique, exciting and fun services, but it became more- a vision about a brand new way of thinking ready to meet the challenges of the future.